Low volume on Bluetooth hands free on TomTom 630

Jul 27, 2010
Just got a TomTom 630 and have paired my Blackberry 8300 OK.

Handsfree calling works OK when stationary and background noise is low - however when driving the TomTom speaker is so quiet as not to be able to hear it.

I've tried adjusting the TomTom volume, its at 100% - travel directions and warnings are very loud so its not a speaker problem. I've tried the phone volume and its 100% so no luck there and I've also selected the TomTom option under Bluetooth to increase volume with noise level - again no luck.

Any ideas would be appreciated otherwise the device will have to be returned as faulty
Initiate a hands free call with the unit and a volume slider will appear on the tomtom screen. Slide that to increase the phone volume.

This is a separate volume control from the one controlling the volume of the tomtom voice you've selected for navigation.
Thanks - thats increased it so I can hear it now - but even at full volume its not fantastic. Anyway to boost it fursther?

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