How to fix low volume/muffled issue on Tom Tom 130S!

Nov 28, 2007
I posted this on another forum and thought I'd share my findings here as well in hopes that someone will benefit from it:

NOTE: This procedure is followed at your own risk. I take NO liability for damage, etc. Also be VERY careful with the tabs on the speaker grill. They break very easily. And lastly, the metal tabs that hold the mount on are located around the speaker. Make sure you haven't disturbed these in the process. If you do, they WILL pop back in after some finessing, but can be a pita. I found this out the hard way

First: This may have been posted elsewhere, but search isnt working correctly for me and I couldnt find anything. The only thing I found was the "beating method". So if this is a repeat, feel free to hit me with blunt objects. :D

At any rate the low volume condition in the Tom Tom Go 130S is due to a defect(easily fixable) with the speaker. The "cone" material is made of thin plastic and apparently at the factory, the cone got pressed down and got stuck. All one needs to do to fix this is remove the silver grill on the back with a combination of flathead jewelers screwdriver(to pry the initial tab) and a larger flat head to GENTLY pry the remaining tabs.

Once the grill is off, the speaker is free to be massaged. You should see the black plastic cone and how it is compressed to the spider. Now just take your finger and rub in a circular motion to free the cone. You should feel it snap into proper place. NOTE: Be VERY careful with the speaker, the wires are SUPER small and can easily be broken. Once placed back into the unit, you should notice a tenfold increase in volume and clarity. This unit is easily louder than my previous Go ver. 3 and louder than most Garmins I have heard! Hope this helps.



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