TomTom iPhone Car Kit (2012 Edition)

Dec 29, 2012
My search for the perfect dock/mount solution for my new iPhone 4S has so far been without great results. Included below is a list of criterion - does this new Car Kit for iPhone work as a solution?

  • It needs to be a one-click solution (i.e. no extra connection of wires).
  • It needs to also function as a hands-free unit and GPS.
  • It needs to use the AUX on my vehicle or be an FM Transmitter.
  • It needs to work with a slim case for my iPhone.
It may or may not need to use Bluetooth for communication with the iPhone. However, in that case it needs to use A2DP so that bass is not lost over Bluetooth.

Also, do you have to use the TomTom app with this or does the stock navigation app also work? How about other functions like Bluetooth, AUX, etc.?


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