Updates have Killed Car Kit charging for iPhone 4

Apr 12, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
iPhone 4 App, Older TomTom 910
I've been using my iPhone 4 with the TomTom car kit for years - without any troubles at all. Flawless. Perfect.

But recently, when I updated both the iPhone software and the TomTom app - My iPhone 4 will no longer charge when docked in the TomTom car cradle.

Plus, the TomTom car kit software says 'not docked' when the phone is in the cradle, whether it's plugged in or not.

This is not a charger issue. My cables are fine; they work with all my other devises. This is a software-related incompatibility.


iPhone 4, OS 6.0.1

TomTom app version v1.12

Tom Tom car kit Model No. 4UUB4

Firmware: 0.0.48

Hardware 1.0.0

Car Kit Tool v1.0

Tom Tom - Please give this your attention.

Thank you!
Just curious about your not having any problems before. Was your previous post of almost 2 years ago referring to a different iPhone?

I'm having car kit charging trouble too.

Went on a 350 mile trip, launched the TomTom app on the iPhone, cradled in the Tom Tom iPhone car kit...the charger firmly connected.

(By the way navigation was superb...better than my 910, better than my Nav-Tech Alpine system, better than my Garmin. I also have the traffic add-on, and for one back-up it volunteered a different route, and told me how much time I'd save if I took it. Brilliant.)

When I got to my destination I was surprised to see the battery was only 40%...since it had been plugged into the charger for 7 hours.

On the return, I started at 100% charge, and by hour 5 the phone's battery was completely depleted. Zero. So, obviously, it shut down.

My car's electrical sockets are working perfectly with anything else I use, including a Griffin iPhone charger, and a Mophie Juice Pack Air case. So they're not at fault.

Would a different USB cable, with a higher rating, make the car kit usable?


Could be you've come to the end of the line with your iPhone battery instead of a software update issue . . .
Hi, and thanks for the reply.

Yes, the earlier problem, it turns out, was heat-related. I discovered that when the iPhone was in the windshield location, in full sun, on a 95-degree summer day, the heat buildup on its body caused it to stop charging. Swapping the location out of direct sun fixed it.

And no, not an iPhone battery problem...it works fine, and lasts all day. In fact, since my earlier post, I ended up getting a second iPhone 4, and it too. has lost charging ability since the update.

This is a separate problem. Another forum, discussions.tomtom.com contains posts from many other users with iPhone 4 models, who experienced the same, sudden loss of charging after the updates. Not just me, unfortunately.

But I see that TomTom is about to release a brand new car kit, and I imagine they might no longer support the older models. That's fine; I'll be glad to get the newer one.

Thanks again.

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