Ipod connection

Jan 7, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
Hi Help needed with ipod connection on my TNS400 Which is an toyota fitted Tom Tom.

When my ipod is connected via the USB port in the dash the screen shows 'Cannot read device'

I have reset and re-downloaded latest software and tried various mass storage devices such as my Android phone, all show the same message, and i'm stumped :mad:

Any advice welcome and appreciated
Deano8, I have several ideas to consider, although the first one is the least likely:

1. On my Toyota Sat Nav (non-TomTom), many of the functions are disabled when the car is in motion with a lock-out feature being enabled. Are you stationary when trying to operate the TNS400?

2. Do you by chance have the TNS400 handbook; if so, does it mention anything about requiring the use of an optional dedicated connection cable which I believe might have to be hooked up in the back of the unit, by the dealer? It might be worthwhile checking with them if you have an opportunity.
Thanks for the reply Alfie.

Yes the car is stationary. The model i have fitted in my Yaris has a usb socket built into the radio on the fasia. The Tom Tom clips into the radio fasia. When i switch mode to Aux and plug in my ipod it should recognise it and enable play back. But it cannot read the memory :confused:
You need an accessory cable to use an iPod. Do you have the genuine TomTom one or are you just using a generic one. I don't know if it matters, but it might give someone a clue.

Here's what the manual says (page 17):

Using an iPod® and USB storage devices
You can use your TomTom to play songs saved on an iPod® or USB storage
device connected to your car stereo. The cable for connecting an iPod to your
car stereo is available as an accessory.

Note: Your TomTom must be docked in the car stereo to play back music
stored on an iPod® or USB storage device
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Hang on... It goes on to say:
When you first connect an iPod® or USB storage device and select one of
these as the audio input source, your car stereo starts to play the first song on
the iPod® or USB storage device.
To select your iPod® or USB storage device, press the Source button on your
car stereo until iPod or USB is shown on your TomTom. To select the song to
play, tap Select. Using the TomTom Jukebox, you can then choose the songs
you want to listen to.

You said you were selecting "Aux". Are you able to select "iPod" or "USB"

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