Help needed urgently please - (Adding Europe map to One XL)

Aug 3, 2011
I have a Tomtom one xl which i keep updated and only has UK maps and speed cameras installed.

I am off to Europe this weekend (France and Spain) and decided to buy the map for Western Europe.I had no idea that the memory might not be large enough.

I bought the map and safety cameras but got the message that there was not enough space in my device to download them and to free up space.Judging by the amount of space needed and the amount that it was telling me I would gain by erasing everything from my device-there still would not have been enough.

After calling the shop where i bought it I was advised to buy an SD 2GB card-which I did.

Can someone please tell me in easy terms how to now get my map of Europe and the safety cameras on to my device.

Do I still have to lose the UK map to do so?

Thanks in advance.
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Copy everything thats currently on the device or memory card supplied with the device to the PC (The One XL was sold in various formats, some used internal memory some used memory cards).
The copy everything to your new 2GB memory card, insert this to the device and switch it on, make sure it works displaying the map.
Next connect the device to the PC and use Home to add the Europe map to the memory card, Home should tell you if both maps are too large to fit on the 2GB card. Assuming both maps load to the memory card switch the unit on and go to Change Preferences/ Manage Maps/ Switch maps and select the Europe map from the list - Mike
IT DOESN'T MATTER, if you have to remove the UK map to make space. The Western Europe map includes the UK (and Ireland) at exactly the same level of detail as on the UK map.

If you buy a a "Europe" version of any TomTom model, it has the UK in it's maps.

Moving everything onto the SD card and then updating, (as Mike suggests) is the simplest method. Delete the UK map if it tells you it need space.
But make sure you back everything up to the PC first (by copying everything to a new folder on the PC hard drive) just in case anything goes wrong during the update.

tried this method-managed to copy everything to my pc no probs-then got stuck!

I dont have any way to insert the sd card in to my pc so couldn`t copy the map that way and when i put it in the device i dont know how to access it that way.

tried deleting the UK map but still not enough space for the western europe map-it needs to go on to the sd card but i dont know how to do it.

Can anyone help
When you insert the card into the unit, both the unit and the card should show as removable storage devices with Windows assigning drive letters to each.

Insert the card, connect to the computer and look at your My Computer (should be an icon on your desktop). When you click on it, both should show in the section, "Devices with removable storage".
As an alternate to using the device as a card reader nip down to your local Maplins store and purchase a USB-2 SD card stick, insert the card in to the reader then plug the reader in to a USB socket on the PC. Main advantage of doing this is a far faster data transfer as the device is only USB-1 whereas a USB-2 reader is considerably faster, Maplins have plenty of these for under a tenner - Mike

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