Help needed with Tom Tom 60

Mar 29, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
Tom Tom start 60
Have just bought a Tom Tom 60 ,but having problems as it will not use M6. Toll road,
I planned a route which I am very familiar with to test it.
I wanted it to plan a route from Holmes Chapel in Cheshire to Burford gateway hotel in Burford,
It took the M6 ok then missed out the toll road which my last one never did, instead it went straight on and then onto M5 which is way out, it should have taken the toll road the m42. Then onto M40
That is the way it should go, I have ticked do NOT avoid toll roads so does anyone know why this happens. ?
Out of curiosity, if you change the setting for toll roads to 'ask', then does it take the toll road if you say 'yes'?

And do you have the latest (925) map?
The route it picked by going via the west side is (nominally) 15 miles shorter and 10 minutes faster than what you had in mind. Checked in TomTom's route planner, same result. Even tried it in Google and got that same kind of result.
Thank you for all your replies, how do I find out if I have the 925 maps? and Canderson says its a quicker route than what I have been taking is that correct
I also instructed it to ALWAYS use toll roads, thank you all.
Settings-->Me and my Device-->About my device

About 5 rows down will be the map installed and its version.
Canderson says its a quicker route than what I have been taking is that correct
Don't take my word for it -- Try it for yourself by using Google maps ( Enter your start and destination points and see what happens. You can also use TomTom's online route planner ( to test it. If your Start 60 thinks there is any time (or distance, if you have configured accordingly) advantage in the route it has selected, it will take it. In this case, your unit believes the route it has selected is both shorter in distance and time. You can also get an up-to-the-minute view of traffic from TomTom's traffic tool here
Go to


You'll see what I've shown above. Click on 'Update Maps' and follow through the links.
But unless you are finding several routing or mapping errors in your daily travels, there's no real need to keep the maps TOTALLY up to date.
Evidently you figured it out -- other thread already started.

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