Help needed, I can't decide.

Oct 16, 2013
I am buying a tomtom as a gift for someone. Based on my budget I am trying to choose between XXL Classic 5" and Start 20 4.3". The Start 20 comes with lifetime maps but the Classic comes with Western European map in addition to the uk and roi maps. I know the person I am buying the sat nag for plans to travel Europe at some point but I am thinking the lifetime maps might be a better deal as in the long run they will cost more and he can buy European map when he decides to go travelling. They are both about the same price and I can't choose. Can anyone help me? I am based in the UK.
As for the Start 20, I'd look at the Start 25M with Western Europe at the same price as the Start 20M with Europe if that map set will work for your friend. You get the benefit of the larger 5" screen, and still get the lifetime map.
The Start units also have a uSD slot if more memory is ever needed for additional maps or other features. The XXL does not.

We don't know what features are important to your friend, which makes it a bit harder to make a recommendation. One thing you've correctly identified -- the map subscription is worth a fair bit of money when you get it for 'free' on the Start series.

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