pro 7100 truck help needed

Jan 27, 2015
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pro 7100. one xl. pro 5250 truck
hi my my pro 7100 stopped working on the road so tried the turn it off and back on again then got the red x tomtom/support. got home tried to connect to mydrive just says connecting and doesn't do anything from there. i have updated my drive to latest version and tried soft reset still nothing and when i try hard reset it just does a soft reset twice then nothing after that so im unable to get into the bios. tried contacting tomtom but they want a webfleet number which i dont have as its my own personal device. and waiting on a reply from the company i bought it from. so any ideas what to try next anyone.
Since a soft reset did not solve the issue, you can use the recovery mode to restore the firmware on the device.
  1. Make sure that the battery is charged properly by charging the device for at least 2 hours before trying to turn it on.
  2. Turn on the device.
  3. Press and hold the power button until the device restarts and the bootscreen (black screen with white letters and numbers) is displayed. This takes about 30 seconds.
  4. Depending upon the firmware in your unit, you need to either 1) Press and release the power button 3 times in a row quickly or 2) Press each of the four corners of the info screen, starting in the upper left, in a clockwise direction. It will probably be the latter that works, so try that first.

    Wait a few seconds until the device reboots into recovery mode and displays a grey screen with a spinning cogwheel.

  5. Connect the device to your computer using the supplied USB cable. Note: As soon as the device is connected to the computer, MyDrive will normally start up automatically (unless you have disabled "Start MyDrive when the computer starts up" in the options), and will download and install the correct software for the connected device, in order to repair the corrupted files.
  6. If MyDrive does not start and you see the following screen, start MyDrive manually.

  7. Keep the device connected to your computer until it restarts.

  8. Important: The recovery process can take between 5 - 30 minutes, depending on your internet connection. If you disconnect the device from your computer during the recovery process, you might corrupt the device.
  9. When the process is completed, the navigation device restarts and may be disconnected from the computer.
If the software was restored successfully, the device will start as usual without displaying a red cross.
cant get to boot screen. i hold button for the few seconds soft reset happens i keep it held down and soft reset happens again once its done it twice now matter how long i hold it down i only get red x and tomtom/support ?
You need to hold down the button for a lot more than "a few seconds". You may need to hold it down for a good 30 seconds before the white text on black screen shows up. You press and hold it down PAST the reset point where the TomTom logo appears and then longer yet.

If that does not bring up the diagnostic screen, you're in some deep yogurt there, and will need to have the unit dealt with by TomTom or replaced. I've never seen a unit that wouldn't go to diag before.
OK. At 0:24 (and other moments), I can see the gear flash that we would have wanted later, but I agree that you can't get past that under the circumstances.

I am going to suggest that you leave the device ON until the battery drains and the unit shuts down completely. I'd rather the battery be removed, but that's a project, and letting it totally drain might do it. Then put a bit of a charge on it and try again.
ok i will give it a shot. thanks for your help so far.
Let us know how it goes. I've never seen a unit that refused to go to the diag screen before. Scary.
run it flat then put bit of charge back in but still the same. also getting nowhere with customer support. getting to the point where the only option seems to try an independent repair company. i bought tomtom because i thought they would give assistance to customers with problems especially when the unit cost £415 but seems i was wrong. anyway if i do manage to get it fixed i will post the details on here if anyone else should run into this problem. thanks one again for your help.
So you are in contact with customer support via phone? Is the unit still under warranty? I can't recall how long ago these were being sold.
No warranty will be up now. Customer support send me to business solutions as it's a truck nav. When I contact them they want a webfleet number which I don't have as it's my own device. So they tell me to contact the company I bought if from but I'm not getting any reply from them. So I'm just going round in circles.
What did the company you bought it from have to say? Contact TomTom?
No it's same sort of form as tomtom use webfleet number required or direct email which I done and getting no reply from them
Where did you originally purchase it? Can't say we can light a fire under them, but we might find some insight as to how to get them moving.
manage to speak to the company i bought it from ttw partners today. straight off the cuff they said no thats unfix able. and tried to send me back to tomtom. i told them tomtom wont do anything without a webfleet number so i got to wait for a call back from them now while they look into it. surely if the memory is naffed they can remove it and put a new card/chip or whatever they use cant they ?
Memory is no longer fitted into a socket -- it's all surface mounted and soldered right onto the board. Yes, there are people who could swap memory chips - some even have the talent to do it by hand, but step 1 would be diagnosing the problem, and given the one you have, I doubt it could be done anywhere outside of TomTom's development lab.
ok i now have contact with the company and they are going to take a look at the device to see if they can do anything. i will let you know the outcome. thanks canderson for your efforts in trying to help me its much appreciated. just one more quick question anyone know if a one xl truck memory card will work as its supposed to in a normal one xl device?
Hi parkes0-0,

Did you manage to fix that issue? I have the very same device with the very same issue... Is there any way to open the device and somehow do a low-level flash of the internal storage? Or kick it into recovery mode after opening the unit?
No mate never got anywhere with it. Sold it on eBay as faulty in the end.

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