PRO 7100 and POI's

Oct 26, 2015
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Hi there,

I've recently converted from Garmin to TomTom mostly due to the fact that almost all models can display POI while routing (which lacks on the more entry level Garmin's).

Anyhow I've actually sold my Garmin to purchase the TomTom and starting to think I've made a Big Big mistake.

I've bought the TomTom Pro 7100 and have since onlly been able to update the software through MyDrive Connect.

I'm unable to upload any of my "custom" POI's, I'm unable to connect this to Tyre, I'm unable to to utilize the GPS for any purposes other than it seems Webfleet which I'm not interested in using - I'll make use of my custom POI's for this.

Is there anyone that perhaps have experience with the PRO 7100 and/or any advice - I would preferably like to export POI / Favorites from Google Maps and import into my Pro 7100 ..

Even the TomTom website seems clueless as to how to do it:

It just states:
"Coming soon."
Looks like their web page is a little behind the power curve there. It's not all that difficult.

When you open up MyDrive, note the 'button' in the "Overview" menu that says "MyDrive - Plan routes and view traffic". Clicking on that will open a web page in your browser. That page can be used for a variety of things, not least of which is the adding of your custom *.ov2 (POI) files and 'favorites' to your device. If you haven't done this already, you'll need to create an account for that page that matches the account for your PRO 7100 (use the same email address and password).

This is the U.S. English page, but gives some instructions about how adding POI is accomplished. You should be able to bring up the same screen on your end by clicking on the "?" at the top of your own MyDrive web page.

It is possible to convert your older Garmin POI categories to TomTom *.ov2 POI files using TYRE. Having saved them to *.ov2 format, you use MyDrive to send them to your 7100 using the web page explained above.
Hi there,

Yes thanks, I've got he first steps to work, pulled garmin POI and "Google Maps / places" into TYRE, saved as POI file (ov2), created account.

But When I import the OV2 file it says I must connect my device:

Please switch on your device.
To sync this OV2 file with your navigation device, log in to MyDrive on the device with your account. Your device needs at least 400 MB of free space before it can sync OV2 files.
A large OV2 file can take a long time to download and install on your device.
When the OV2 file has been downloaded on your device, you can find it in MyPlaces."

Which is connected according to MyDrive Connect ...... I can download updates etc.

Any ideas ?
Once you complete the "Adding POI files" part in the link canderson posted, open My Places on your device.
Your POI categories will show at the bottom of the listing, by yhe name you gave them, without the .ov2.

Tap on one the the "Search" screen opens and the individual POIs are shown by distance from current location.
Are you saying that you're not seeing the POI categories when you review the list in My Places?
Are you saying that you're not seeing the POI categories when you review the list in My Places?

Correct - I've however managed to upload the POI, I'm only able to do this via: "Add community content" -

The MyDrive doesn't load it...

I'll just use this for now. Thanks for all the help / replies.
Is the PRO 7100 a NAV3 device?
I had presumed it to be NAV4 when I replied.

Hmm no idea, how can I check?

According to Wiki: "PRO/TRUCK models belong either to the NAV3 or NAV4 ranges"
I think canderson has the magic look up but requires the first 2 letters of your PRO 7100 (it is 6:30 AM for him).
It's a Nav3. Add Community Content is indeed the correct approach.
Thanks Canderson, much appreciated.

Pitty it's such a slept. That is one thing I must say Garmin is way ahead, atleast the Mapsource/Basecamp works on all GPS models including "Garmin XT" - cellphones/pda's etc..

Ow well.. at least the TOM TOM user interface is nice, and it does show POI while routing..

Thanks again, have a good day.
Yeah, except those of us that use an old XP machine for this kind of stuff can't use any recent version of Basecamp. Still, Mapsource gets it done.

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