second hand 7100 pro truck


Mar 21, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
7100 PRO
i have bought a 7100 pro truck and it requires PIN code of 9 letters ; the problem is that it is a second hand thing (i have bougt it by judicial auctions) ; the ancient owner told me to contact Tomtom website who will unlock it and resolve the problem. As i cant see any phone number support for my country (France) i write here to get some help.
ps ; scuse my poor english
Thanks for help

I've written a guide some time ago about how to contact customer support for the consumer devices. You'll find it using the link below.

How to contact TomTom customer support (hyperlink)

As your device is a business device though it might possible that you won't get help from them but you'll have to contact business support. Please click on the support tab on the website of TT business solutions to get that support line.

TT business solutions (hyperlink)

Many thanks.
But when i enter serial number it finds nothing ; and i cant see the model 7100PRO in the list so i cant pick it. So bad. Any ideas ?
Tx again
...when i enter serial number it finds nothing

On which site? If you are trying on the normal site then it's not Lupus says, TT keep the business side completely separate. You seem to have to do a lot more by personal contact with one of their business advisors.

At the very least, you'll have to supply them with faxed or emailed copies of any receipts or proof of purchase, otherwise there's nothing to prove you didn't nick it.

To be honest, I reckon they might STILL say there's nothing they can do. The seller was a bit naughty if he suggested that TT would be able to sort it out for you easily.

the phone number for support in France is:

+33 (0)170 363 583
du lundi au vendredi de 09h00 à 17h30 CET

if not having any product or

+33 (0)170 363 582
du lundi au vendredi de 09h00 à 17h30 CET

if having a car navigation device.

It might be though that you won't get an answer from them as your device is a business device. If you don't get an answer from them please try contacting business support.

Tx for phone numbers, i'll try to phone them tomorrow.

ps : i have a bill.
They can do nothing they told me ^^
tomtom pro truck 7100 >>> trash can
I'll just delete the extraneous ones for you.
Can't. It's the way the board software is configured. Were you finally able to PM? I didn't realize that deleting your extra posts would decrement your count. Thought it would just delete the posts. Sorry about that.
Its cool, just one more and it is ok. I hope he ll be able to reply to me because he just dont have 10 posts^^.
Give him your email address and he won't need to PM you.
Let me know if you were able to PM him, and have an alternate method for contact, and I'll clean up the mess here.

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