Second tom tom: Lifetime map updates

Jun 22, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
Via 130
I had a Via 130 with lifetime map updates which is registered on my computer. I say "had" as I have just given it to my daughter to replace her TomTom which has died.

I have replaced it with a TomTom Start also with lifetime map updates. I need to know please what happens if I register this new one on my computer. Will it be accepted as a separate satnav so that I will be able to update both on my computer, or will the system assume that the Via130 is no more and only allow updates on my new Start?
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Make sure you use a separate email address when registering the Start model from the Via 130.

Further, the Via uses MyTomTom. Some Start models (like the Start 20) also use MyTomTom. There is no problem as long as you keep the logins separate concerning the email address. That is important.
I will register my new satnav from a separate email address. Could you please advise how my daughter should go about changing the registration of my previous satnav from my email address to hers, so she can download the lifetime updates on her computer? Thanks.
What some have done in that situation is the you (the original owner) make the change so that your new email address/password matches what she wants it to be.

You should be able to log in, click on edit your profile and do it there or ask CS for assistance:

United Kingdom
0845 161 0009
or 020 7387 5444

9:00am to 5:30pm GMT
Agreed... The easiest way to do it is for YOU to change the account name / email address to your daughter's preferred name.
Should be easy to do on the TT website.

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