TT Pro truck 7100

Mar 4, 2012
Birmingham UK
TomTom Model(s)
Pro Truck 7100
Recently bought new Pro truck 7100, can't seem to get the live services I thought where supposed to be up and running when you switch the thing on. Am I missing some more brain cells; or is this a common problem? I've tried the Tom Tom help, might as well of asked my cat, as the pro 7100 doesn't appear to exist. I do have some more issues with this device but would like to get this one cleared up first. Many thanks.:rant:
Yes have looked on, seems to to be more for fleet management. Don't explain how to activate live services. I am a sole user of the device and work for a small company
Guess you'll need to call CS at: 0845 161 0009

If first level support can't help, ask for someone with Business knowledge, maybe 2nd line.

as far as I know you'll need to have a WEBFLEET account / subscription to be able to receive LIVE services with the devices being sold by TT business solutions.

From the on-line 7100 user manual (here)....

Regional availability
Note: LIVE services are only available in designated countries. In order to benefit from
LIVE services, the respective WEBFLEET subscription is needed. For more information on
available services in your country, go to

Follow that link and there's worse news....

The LIVE services require a LIVE subscription to TomTom WEBFLEET AND the installation of the LINK 300/310 in the vehicle.

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