help needed (with battery change)

Feb 23, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
tomtom v1
hi people new to this site
my tom tom v1 needs a new battery ive looked on sites to get one but cannot find one with the code F60902404 ive seen them with it starting with F5.........
any help were i can get one from would be grateful thanks :)
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What's a TomTom v1? Need more info....

What model name was on the box, or what does it say you have if you enter the first two characters of the serial number into the tool here?

candersons link was to a US site, but once we know what model you actually have, there are loads of UK sites you can buy suitable batteries from too.

We have some videos showing how to change TomTom batteries in several models on the forum, or there are some on You Tube as well (such as here:
He's talking about the unit known as the ONE V1 in the U.K., also known as the ONE Classic here in the U.S. It's the precursor to the ONE 2nd, ONE 3rd, etc.

The link points him to a ONE V1 battery, even though it's from a U.S. source. That was primarily to provide him with an alternate part number if he wants to continue to try to source it in the U.K.

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