XL Classic - Help needed street names + cams

Jun 30, 2012
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I bought a XL Classic last week from Halfords. just took it back as i cac not get the speed cams to display and it diose not play a beep when I go over the speed limit ( the two main reasons I use sat nav) the guy said I had not turned on the speed cams so he did.
however it is still not showing them or playing ant sound other than the voice

it is also suposed to say the road names but it has not done that yet ether

help me b4 I take it back please!
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Street names...
First, (sorry to doubt you...) are you SURE you have a "computer" voice selected? Originally the the version of the XL released in the UK was not able to use computer voices at all, but the re-released version you have (the "classic") may... I'm not sure.

AFAIK, the only English computer voices ever used on the XL are "Kate" and "Simon"

Next, once you have selected an appropriate computer voice, have you ensured that "read aloud street names" is ticked in the "Voice Preferences" screen?

On my XL Live, you can only get to that screen by re-selecting a voice on the "Change voice" page first. Once you see the silhouette of the person and tap "Select", you get to the hidden preferences screen.

Speed cameras
As I say, I have an XL LIVE, so my menus may be rather different from yours, but if you go to Main menu / Services / Speed cameras do you have a button labelled "Enable alerts"? (If it says "Disable alerts" then they are already activated).

Having that enabled, should light up the other icons, including one called "Change warning preferences".

If you tap that, you should get a whole list of camera types and each one in the list should have a small blue loudspeaker icon to the left of the name.
If they don't, then you need to do the set-up for each camera type again.

Even if they already have that loudspeaker icon, tap each one in turn and check that the option on the next screen "Warn me when approaching a camera" is set to "Always" and not "Only when speeding". Otherwise you'll only get alerts if you are already speeding!

Finally, I should mention that the TomTom-supplied camera data is actually not very good. There are several third-party camera databases available which are significantly better. My preference in the UK is to use the PocketGPSWorld camera alerts, which are MUCH more accurate and complete than TomTom's efforts.
OK, so are we at the stage where everything is OK now EXCEPT you're still not getting camera warnings?

I don't have an XL Classic, mine's an XL LIVE, so some menus will be different, but I think the camera warnings screens should be the same.

When you get to the screen where you can switch between Enable/Disable alerts, does the rest of the screen not look like this?


(The text at bottom right may be missing or different)


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No m8.
I have the Disable alerts but not the others
the report button is on the route display screen (the one you drive too)

I will have to go for a drive to see if it picks them up
Hmmm... so we are looking as if the "XL Classic" has a reduced menu/function set.

Can anyone else confirm?

Seems odd to have a camera report button, but no way to alert you to them though!

Maybe I'll take a trip to Halfords tomorrow and see if I can get to play with a demo model.
Hi Frank,
I went to my local Halfords today, but all the Tomtoms were in a locked cabinet so I couldn't have a play.

But I've got some interest in this issue from someone at TomTom, can you let me know the first two characters of the serial number of your XL Classic. That's the long number on the bottom label next to the barcode.

Well I must offer you my apologies
It looks like that when I changed from my old fathfull Tomtom One to the new all confusing Xl that the speed cam subsctiption went too. I have now re subscribed and the cams are now working. The only prob now is finding the icon that flashes the speed limit for the cam, as at present it just beeps and shows a very small ikon.
many thanks
Alls well that ends well. I'll stand down my contact at TomTom!

I don't think you'll find a larger flashing icon (you need a third party POI camera database for that). On latest software with the TomTom system you just have to look where the normal road speed limit is displayed on the status bar (which is actually now a speed limit sign half on the status bar!). That speed limit sign gets replaced by an almost identical one as you approach a camera.
" On latest software with the TomTom system you just have to look where the normal road speed limit is displayed on the status bar"

I only whish I could get it to bleep when I go over the limit
I only whish I could get it to bleep when I go over the limit

Again that *is* an option on some, if not all, models. On my XL LIVE it's in Change preferences/ Safety preferences/ "Warn when driving faster than allowed" {tick}

Do you not have that?.

If you find it, be aware that recent software updates have re-set the sound used to "Silence" so you may need to UN-tick the option, exit the page, then re-tick it and then you'll be presented with the sound chooser screen again.

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