TOM TOM CLASSIC - Wont start up Red Flashing Cross

Jul 29, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
I have the TOM TOM XXL CLASSIC which is 2 years old and i have never updated it.

I have now updated it and i get the red flashing cross and it does not go any further.

I am using TOM TOM Home v 2.9

i have used "manage my xxl" to delete all the files on the TOM TOM and the computer, then used "update my XXL" to reinstall everything seems to work fine in the install process from what i see on the laptop and i can even down load extra colours and voices but i still get the red flashing cross??

I have even formatted the TOM TOM and then used the above process to reinstall but i still get the red flashing cross??

no idea what to do next?

anyone have any ideas??


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