speed cams on TT classic problems ?

Jun 9, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
one v2
TOMTOM classic owner here , speed cams installed and can enable them via the menu screen on the unit, problem is that is all I can do ie don't get a second menu appearing allowing me to change the warning tone / distances etc like I did with my old TT one.. help ??!!
Not all of the older units (nor even current ones) had the same features. Some had been 'dumbed down' a bit. Not all supported custom sounds, even in *.ogg format.

There were a couple of 'Classic' models and a pile of different versions of the "ONE", but the one you have now may be the 2005 version (serial number starts with "G").
Without knowing which "ONE" you have now and which "ONE" you had before, it's only a guess that it's a basic feature difference between the two.

Any idea what your old serial number started with, and what your current one starts with? Need 1st two characters of each to understand which ones we're talking about.
Hi there thanks so much for your quick reply to my questions ! okay yes the serial number starts with GH and says xl 4et03 on the label, the old tomtom unit I have was the tomtom one E21, as I say used the old tomtom one for years but having now changed to the " slightly " newer XL model I find the camera settings not as clear as before ?! again if I go into " options " - and then enable safety alerts that's it there is no further menu to allow me to select the warning distances / warning tones / camera types or whatever like you used to with the older unit. surely you can do more than just enable / disable the cameras on this newer model ?
Yes, the "G": serial number is a 'vintage' 2005 ONE Classic design. The "E2" comes from the ONE 2nd Edition. There were some firmware differences from one generation of the ONE to the next.
Okay thanks for confirming what model I have unfortunately still does not answer my questions ?! is it the case with this newer model there is no way off changing anything to do with the speed cameras other than switching them on and off ie. select the warning distances / warning tones / camera types ?
If I correctly followed what you said in post #3, I think you've got it backwards. The "G" model you have now is older (it is the very first model of the TomTom ONE, in fact), and has a few less features than the "E1" version. It's been eons, but the ability to add sound files and select them for individual events may well be one of them. I'd have to find and dig back through all of my 10 year old manuals to be sure.
Okay thanks again for your information, to be honest I can't argue with you and you will obviously have a hundred times more knowledge on the subject than myself but personally would be very, very surprised if my black coloured xl model was older than my original tt one model ? I know they did three different versions off the tomtom one in silver colour all having the small 3.5" screen and then there was the tt one xl, xl classic etc. my xl has a 4.7" screen and is black in colour ,as you say there are so many versions off the same unit but again would be extremely surprised if this model was the very first tomtom one version ? Can't belive they would not have allowed a menu to control the speed cameras very strange indeed ?!

If you do find out any further information then please do let me know but in the meantime thank you so much again for your kind help.
Wait a minute. Black colored XL model?
"the serial number starts with GH"
My bad. I saw only the "G" when I read that. The OLD OLD ONE serials started with "G" and then numerics.
What you have (which is evident now that I read "GH" - what you typed!) is known as an XL IQRoutes² with text-to-speech ability, or an XL250. I think only the folks in Australia and New Zealand call it an XL250. To you, it would be an XL IQRoutes² with text to speech.

OK. The IQRoutes '2' models were a bit dumbed down from the original XL IQRoutes models. Those models were also known here in the U.S. as the XL 340 models. There was a lot of complaint when these units came out because they WERE missing quite a number of features from the earlier IQRoutes model. There was a bit of an uproar about that here at the time, and a lot of folks returned them when they realized that the entire menu system was lacking all kinds of things to which they had become accustomed.

Here's just one of the old threads covering the issue >> https://www.tomtomforums.com/threads/tomtom-start2-problems.23662/
That the one !! glad we got to the bottom off it even if it was not really the information I wanted to hear. yep pity ! thanks again for your kind assistance.
I see you can add a poi category from within the menu system , obviously the safety cameras are not showing up on the list off poi's on there so just wonder how the ' add a poi category ' system works and if I could add the cameras / alerts this way ?

strange as camera database is up to date and yet on a long trip today it ignored all the average speed cameras that have been there for a good while and only gave me the indication off one fixed camera that I passed. I know that the no live tt units can warn off all fixed type speed cameras so why was it not showing the average speed cams today and only worked with the gatso fixed cam ?
Correct - safety cameras are a special POI type (although still an *.ov2 file) that does not show up in the list of POIs. Make sure that your unit is configured to fuss about all camera types. As I recall, even on that unit, you can select which types of cameras create a warning.

The only way to add a camera POI database as a regular POI is if you get one from a 3rd party source. I understand that in the UK, there's a 3rd party alternative that is pretty good. It may be this one, though I'm sure someone else here should confirm if I've got the 'good' one or not >> http://www.pocketgpsworld.com/subscription.php
Okay thank you for your reply, yes I know the exact speed cam list you are talking about which has been around for many years now and is very highly rated over here in the uk. unfortunately as I say there are no second menu options on this model as far as I can see, you simply switch on or switch off the cameras, unlike my old TT one where you were then given a choice off warning distances / cam tyres / tones etc. strange !!
Like I say, a bit dumbed down from other models.
Hi thanks you so much for your assistance on the subject and guess I will just have to live with it or update my Tomtom ?! One other thing will I am on the subject off speed cameras I take it with the official Tomtom speedcam files I can only be alerted to the cameras whilst a preset route has been entered ? Would have been great to have camera warning sounding even when there was no route set on the Tomtom ?

The third party PGPSW speed cam database talked about earlier uses poi files and seem to remember many years ago installing what was known as the silent voice on my older tt one units which allowed you to still get alerts even if no route was set.
You can set 'proximity' alerts for POIs that you install yourself, so while you might be picking up cameras on nearby streets, you'll hear about them if you have the distance set appropriately. For TT cams, I believe you are correct that they are only announced when on a planned route.

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