Help Needed in Transferring POI Data

Jun 29, 2012
North Carolina, USA
TomTom Model(s)
I need help converting/importing my custom POI data from my old Tom Tom XXL, to my new TomTom VIA 1605TM!
I am a travel guide author, and have spent a great deal of time and effort to record POI data for the many places I need to call upon in the Southeastern USA. I have been very careful to back up this data to my principal PC laptop, and have a collection of .ov2 files for the custom categories of POI’s that I created on the XXL.
It is very important that I get this POI data imported correctly into the new VIA 1605TM. Can someone please give me an idea how to proceed!!!!
Many thanks in advance!!!

Connect your 1605 to the computer and start MyTomTom (if it doesn't start automatically).

Click on the 'Add Community Content' link in the desktop MyTTSA icon.

A new screen opens in your browser which includes the selection of adding pois on your computer. Select them (and associated .bmp files, if present) and choose to add to the 1605.

Once done, in your 1605, Settngs-->Manage pois-->select the custom ones you created and added to show on the map.
You get it at

If you still have the other device, there is no harm in having both Home 2 and MyTomTom on the same computer.

REMEMBER: When logging into MyTomTom for the 1605 device, use a DIFFERENT email address than you used for the other device.
Beware. Content purchases are still being managed using email addresses. While not an issue with Nav3, Nav2 content purchase links are sent to the specified email address.

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