Desperate help needed please help cant find answeres anywhere on the net

Nov 3, 2011
Hello I have a tomtom go 720 with traffic

Does itn converta support post codes? If downloaded into my tomtom go 720 can I just pop in post codes and let the software make a route for me starting with furthest away bringing me home with each trip? Or do I have to jack *** around on a home computer first. I need something that will do the work for me. As When im at work I dont have a computer and I just get postcodes. I dont know where the post codes are can anyone help with this question?

I rang tomtom and they said they dont support Itn converter but believe this is what im looking for and it could be installed.

There is no mention about post codes and useing this directly from my tomtom 720 with out pratting around on a computer. I just want to give it random ordered post codes and let it callculate a route in a reasonable order.

Please please can someone help me im tareing my hair out with this.

If this itn doesnt do what I want then is there anything at all that does? Surely im not the only one that has asked this?

Regards Derek
If we a re talking about the same software (website here), then AFAIK ItnConvertor is ONLY a piece of PC software, you don't install it on the TomTom at all.

On the TomTom itself, if you go to "Itinerary Planning on the main menu, you can add upto 48 waypoints or destinations, and you can do it in any of the normal ways you'd enter a destination... that includes addresses, postcodes, points on the map etc.

You can manually shuffle the order around to creeate the most sensible route and see the whole thing on the browse map display.

However, there is no way to automatically optimise the orde for the most sensible route, and that's where PC programs like ItnConv. have their uses.

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