Desperately Seeking Kate

Sep 15, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
Go 950
Any thoughts on this "challenge" I'm having with voices on my Go 950?

Following a complete reformat and reinstall to fix an earlier problem, I discovered that TT no longer offer the Kate computer generated voice. I had a backup and copied over the Kate files to my device but it didn't work. Kate didn't show up in Preferences at all.

Using guidance posted in reply to another Forum thread about a similar problem, I downloaded the Kate files via the link provided and copied them into the appropriate folders on my device which can now see Kate but she doesn't speak when I press the Test button.

I also note that the Loquendo file structure in my old backup is different from the structure on the device (latest version installed) and there are also some different file types eg. .lex which the other computer voices don't have. I downloaded Simon via TT Home and he works fine. I made sure that the corresponding Kate files are on the device in the right places but to no avail.

I am reluctant to reinstall the whole system from the earlier backup as it probably contains some corrupt files which caused the previous problem.

For various reasons, I would like to get Kate back. Any thoughts?


Thank you

Thanks for that mvl. However, that is the very link I mentioned in my post! I have already downloaded and installed the files. The device can see Kate but she doesn't speak.


remove the app under "manage my GO" in TT HOME.

Then reinstall the app (it will take many steps) under "update my GO".

That should install the final missing pieces.


I guess you could try following the advice given by mvl. My device is a go 950 so I'm not sure if it will work on yours.


I had Kate installed in my Go930, but now that I have a 2535TM, Kate doesn't seem to be an option. Any way I can get her installed?

Tomtom switched to a new TTS vendor on the 2535TM. Kate is no longer an option on that model.

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