Newbie desperately seeking advice on mapping

Nov 23, 2014
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Hello - I'm not here on false pretences, even tho' I don't have Satnav - I'd like to find out how mis-routed or impossible-to-access locations are shown on mapping - and what data is required to request to have a location identified as a no-go-area on SatNav mapping. Please let me explain:
For 25 yrs I've lived - and worked - from home, which is by the side of a rural C-class lane where my house and listed outbuilding are close together on either side of the lane, which forms a pinch-point between the buildings, and is on a series of bends, including 180º & 90º bends at top and bottom of a steep hill. There are blue & white advisory notices at either end of my section of lane, but these are consistently ignored by drivers of med - large trucks (incl artics). On average, there is some kind of incident once or twice a week, with about half of those involving damage either to my buildings or to the vehicles. Multiply that by 25yrs and you might understand the stress and expensive repair costs I continue to experience.
My local Council have systematically refused to instal mandatory warning notices (such as you might find for a Low Bridge, for inst) as it might 'set a precedence'. The SatNav companies I have approached in the past tell me they cannot include alerts on their mapping unless there are mandatory signs; is this still true?
I am sympathetic to truck-drivers whose time is wasted either getting stuck or having to make unnecessarily complex manoeuvres - especially as there is an A-road more-or-less paralleling my lane. But by the time they reach this impasse, their tempers are frayed, and I have to take the abuse. Any feedback will be welcome, please, including advice on better places to post my plea. Many thanks.



Oct 1, 2007
Toronto Canada
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This is a user forum and not an official TomTom support forum.

Have you tried calling TomTom?

United Kingdom
02079 490 134
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

You can also go to TomTom's own user forum and copy your post above in the Map Quality sub forum there.

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