Newbie getting "Knotted" routes

Dec 25, 2016
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Hi, I'm new to this device a Start 60 and am trying to set up routes that I like. As I can't get the detail I want by just "No Toll" etc. I'm trying to use MyDrive & it keeps overshooting my waypoints or adding an alternative route. I can't delete these & to judge by the mileage, the route plan goes there & back again. I'm obviously missing something, but where can I find an Idiots Guide? The SatNav is great when it's going the way it wants to, I'd like to get it going the way I want to too!
Sorry if this is a bit garbled, but I'm frazzled & not finding much help in the "Help"
Would help us if you;re willing to share the specifics of your route so that we can try to duplicate it and see what problems we encounter.
If you are trying to force a specific route that defies the normal logic of the device, there is a way to do that, but you'll need to build the route offline with another tool and upload it at MyDrive.
Thanks for the link and reply, I had found the guide , but didn't quite find what I was looking for - specificaly the option to 'snip off' unwanted excursions.
In a nutshell, I was trying to plot a route that I know so that I could export it or lend the device, to a friend. I started in Burton upon Trent going to Sheffield. I wanted to go through the Peak district - Tomtom was having none of that and tried to plot paths to the east or west. I wanted to go to Tutbury then take the A50 West, A515 from near Sudbury, going through Ashbourne, past Chatsworth house then Rowsley, Baslow and so to Sheffield. The first problem came when i wanted to take the A515 - the route was extended along the A50 some miles West of the A515. Equally, the route went off on a big loop near Fenney Bentley. Sorry if this is a bit convoluted, I am just trying to get the hang of the device in an area that I know before heading off on a journey through France and Spain next year.
You mentioned another tool, could you suggest one please. Thanks in advance. Billz
PS in the first instance, it could be that the underpass is missing/being missed and the route going on to the next roundabout in order to turn around?
"... so that I could export it or lend the device, to a friend".
OK -- if you were to 'export' it, what kind of device would your friend be using? Ask whether it supports *.gpx files.

Next, does your Start 60 include a button on it that, when hit the menu button and move to the right a bit in the options, says "Start Recording"? I'm not sure which of the models supports that feature.

I ask, because our objective will be for you to create what is known as a *.gpx file. Those files will force a particular route ('track', actually) regardless of speed, time or traffic.
Yes, there is just such a button. Re friend, I will check the model etc when next I see him. The long term goal of this is to plot a route through France and Spain visiting points of interest. There will probably be a bit of "Designated Driver" time, so the navigator might well be less than useful, hence the Tomtom! Is there a guide to the offline tool "My Guide" ?

Oh and a very big thankyou for taking the time to respond during the Christmas Holiday, I hope you are having a good one.
Sorry "My Drive" it is, Looking at the you tube item now Thanks!

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