Newbie...SD card issues

Sep 21, 2015
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TomTom Model(s)
one xl
I just bought a tom tom XL i believe, model number : E21406H04195, didn't come with a sd card . i have bought a 16 GB SD card for it and a 2 GB as-well and, it did not register. the tom tom wont even let me into the settings without some sort of "correct"SD card inserted. i don't know where to go from here. can anyone help me. i am so frustrated with this thing.
That code relates to this: ONE 2nd Edition (TomTom HOME)

The maximum card is a 2 gb sd card (not sdhc) for that VERY OLD model and should be formatted at fat 32. But why in heavens would you ever buy such a dated model??
Not good that it did not come with a card. That model has NO internal flash memory, and the bootable operating system and application come ON the card.
We might be able to get the thing booted (we can get firmware for you to place onto a card), but that still leaves you with no maps, and that device will NOT accept a 16GB card, or any other SDHC card, for that matter. If you could still find one (good luck), you need to find a 2GB SD (NOT SDHC) card for this device.

Honestly, I'd get my money back on this one. You've been hosed. Given the cost to purchase a map for it, it's worth the parts and that's it.

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