Controlling iPod through 720 - what's it like?

Jan 12, 2008
Queensland, Australia
TomTom Model(s)
GO 720
Hi there,
I am thinking of getting the iPod control cable for my 720, but I was just wondering what the interface for controlling the iPod is like?

Are you able to browse the whole iPod interface through the unit?

Any screenshots of the interface would be much appreciated :)



Go 700 iPod

I've used the Ipod control on my old 700, and it looked just like the music player on my new 720.

When the ipod was connected, it uploaded all the track into and allowed you to play what ever you liked - by track/artist/albumn

That was pretty much it.

Sound quality was not too bad - its the Ipod not Tom Tom that controls that. My only gripe was the connector into the ipod sometimes worked loose if you drive a bit rough, disconnecting the device.

Just try playing the default mp3's on your 720 to see what you get, and how it feels. You do get a nice pretty TomTom logo appearing on the iPod !

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