Calibration screen Tomtom Go730

Jun 10, 2017
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TomTom Model(s)
Go 730
Dear all I am new at the forum. I already red how to develop a cal.txt.
In origian on the TomTom it was
87 939 155 831 @3300mV
My first trial was
939 87 831 155
Still my problem was in the Y direction. I have to press 3 cm above the sign to mark it.
My second trial was
939 87 831 55 Now if I press the sign it is O.K. but also if I press 3 cm above the sign is marked. So what should I do now???
Can somebody help me?
Sorry for my poor English. I am from Germany
Dear all,
I solved the problerm. Thanks for your help. I had to change the y-max dramtically. From 838 to 200 and y- min from 155 to 35. Now it works again. In the moment the GPS didn't find the right position. It is roughly 200 m left. Is it possible to calibrate the navigation system?
No, nothing can be done to add any offset to the nav system itself. That's a most unusual situation. I have seen it (exceptionally rarely) when there was a bad QuickFix file in place. When was the last time you updated that?

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