Screen calibration XL IQ

Dec 31, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
XL IQ Routes Edition
My screen calibration went south, suddenly. I found threads here describing how write and put a cal.txt or a calib.txt file on the device's root, (I did both - the format is 949 83 830 200) but neither file seems to have any effect on the "Touchscreen calib" parameters. They remain at 83 949 139 @3300mV. Shouldn't I expect to see them change when I reset the device?
No - what you are reading are those from the original factory burn of the calibration. Those original values are always there and cannot be overwritten or changed. You are seeing this because you are looking at the diag screen.

Once the device is actually booting, that data is replaced by any that is found in a separate calibration file. So no, don't expect to see your modified calibration file data on the diag page. You should, however, be seeing things move around as you fiddle the contents of the file. If you goof it up and find yourself totally whacked for position such that you are unable to even answer "Yes" to the 'connect to the computer' question, be advised that if you hard reset the unit with it connected to the PC, it won't even ask the question, and will make the connection to the PC for you automatically (don't ask how I happen to know that!)
Thanks for your help, Canderson, but I found that changing the touchscreen calibration parameters didn't do anything, even though I kept resetting the device with different parameters. Then after a night's sleep, I started the thing up again - to find that it was working! A bit of messing around, and I found that the original factory settings worked fine. Go figure...

Thanks again, and Happy New Year! :)
Wow - that's very strange, but glad you are up and running again. I had to tweak my GO740 touchscreen a while back because it was becoming impossible to access the bottom area of the screen with a touch. Had no problems tweaking things with a gentle nudge in the cal.txt file that I added to the root of the device.
Could have been some grit or gunge under one side of the bezel?
That will almost always set off a series of ghost screen presses as opposed to offsetting a legitimate press. Now that he's back up and running, we may never know! What are you doing up so early in the morning, Andy?
I worked four night shifts in a row on the 22nd, xmas eve, xmas day and boxing day, then got a couple of days off, did two early mornings and am now doing another two nights 0000-0600.

It's fairly punishing and involves staring at a screen for the whole shift, that's the reason all of my forum activities have been suffering recently.

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