VIA 1435 screen calibration off! PLEASE HELP!

Nov 7, 2015
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VIA 1435
I have read threads on how to recalibrate other models and they all say they have 4 sets of numbers Max X-axis Min X-axis Max Y-axis Min Y-axis. Problem I am having is mine has 7 sets of numbers in the touch screen calibration data! :( Looks like this 8239 -16 -1210560 -3 4885 -1394004 65536. I kind of understand the process to recalibrate with the 4 sets but when I saw this I just didn't know where to go from there! Can anyone help me recalibrate this model of Tom Tom? Thanks!
Unfortunately, there is no access to the file system of Nav3 or Nav4 units (your Via 1435 is a Nav3), so there's no way to create a file on the unit that modifies the screen calibration. Don't know of any other way to do it.
So I am SOL if my screen calibration is off and basically I have a paper weight now. I mean I can get it to work but it is off pretty badly. I suppose I will have to get a new GPS. This is the 4th TT I have owned 3 of the same one which was replaced by TT when still under warranty. Unfortunately this one is out of warranty. May have to get another brand next time.
No, you don't HAVE to bin it. You can also go out and procure a new screen/digitizer for it if it's that far out of whack. There are quite a few sources, many on eBay.
Can you tell me exactly which screen I need so I don't get the wrong one?

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