TomTom VIA 1435TM & Blue&Me

Jun 19, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
via 1435
Hi there,
I bought a VIA 1435tm with bluetooth while I was studying in the US.
It served me thoroughly during my stay there. Now I returned back to my country, Turkey.
I now drive a Fiat Bravo 2010 with blue&me. My question is how I can use my blue&me system installed in my car along with my tomtom device. It seems that I should have another software working with my tomtom to offer me a "Find Blue&me" option.
How can I turn my current tomtom software into a blue&me compatible device.

I'm a little confused about what you are trying to accomplish. In essence, you now have two different TomTom systems since both your 1435TM and the Blue&Me system should be fully functional apart from one another. The Blue&Me should require no additional assistance.

I am not sure how you wish to use the two 'together'. If you are hoping to take advantage of the "M" part of your 1435TM, I'm afraid that isn't going to happen. The lifetime map for that unit is going to be the North American map only, and the subscription could not be transferred to your Blue&Me device. Further to that, to use your 1435TM in your country, you would need to purchase a map of the region for your 1435TM.

As for assistance in using the Blue&Me (if you need it - I cannot tell if this is a new unit for you or one to which you are returning now that you are home), I'm not sure which generation of that system you have. The original was really a GO750 (the previous generation we call Nav2 here). The more recent ones are called "Blue&Me 2" devices. If you can identify the serial number, the older ones started with the letters "WI", and the newer ones (the generation we call Nav3 here) start with the letters "TI" or "TG".
Or has the OP maybe got a car with Blue+Me capability, but no actual unit in the slot?
Ah - I thought that if a Fiat was fitted with the dock and harness to the vehicle, that it also came fitted with the unit itself as part of the option.

One thing for certain -- if his Fiat expects the older Nav2 design (GO750), his Via 1435 isn't going to work at ALL. I have no idea what the docking situation is like for the Blue&Me2 units and Nav3, but it would be interesting to know which of the Nav3 units has been re-coded for this purpose as the 750 was for the older Blue&Me systems. He'd definitely still have to work with TT to get firmware assigned to the device to handle the vehicle controls, etc. I've not heard of this being done before, but you never know.

In any case, the OP would still have to deal with a map purchase to make the U.S.-procured unit of any value to him in Turkey, and there won't be any free update subscription for it. Europe is running about US$90 now, and Turkey by itself is running an astounding US$79.

The 1435 is a 4G unit, so at least he could fit Europe to internal memory -- which is a good thing, because I'm pretty certain the 1435 has no uSD memory card slot.
Interesting. So the new 400 and 500 will fit the old connector for Blue&Me2 units, but do the controls still work? Poster there didn't mention whether the unit was simply held and powered correctly off the dock, or whether the steering wheel controls & etc. also functioned.

Then again, we still don't know what vintage of Blue&Me system the OP has in that vehicle... Nav2 or Nav3. He says he has a 2010 Fiat, and 2010 was the transition year for the Nav2/Nav3 systems. If I am not mistaken, BOTH the GO750 (basis for the older system) and the 1000 were both introduced in 2010, so we're still not going to be sure which of the two types the OP needs.

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