Via 1435TM mounting options

Jan 11, 2011
TomTom Model(s)
Go 730
Just purchased a Via 1435tm for our second car (we have been trying to share a Go 730 until now). Does the 1435 have to be mounted to a windshield? Do they make mounts for this model for dashboard mounting? I don't want to have to completely take the mount down each time I get out of the car.

I have the Go 730 is mounted on the dash (via a bean bag mount to save my dash). The mount and wire stay there all the time, I simply slide the unit off the mount and hide it each time I get out of the car.

Not sure I want the Via 1435 if it has to be windshield mounted and the only way to take it down is to completely remove the mount each time.
I quite agree with you... I hate these new models with the "Easyport" mount.

Obviously they are designed to have the mount permanently attached, but it *is* possible to remove it and (at extra cost!) replace it with a different type.

Removal instructions:
Removing and re-attaching an integrated mount

Some of the alternative mounts available (TT UK site):

(Do double check whether I've flagged the right ones for your exact model)
I have mine mounted on the recessed dash of the instrument panal (2011 Santa Fe) ..Home Depot sells circular velco strips which i just mount to the suction cup..Makes for easy removal if u are in a ? area of town...

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The standard TomTom ball-joint is a bit smaller than the "standard" Brodit-type ball.
IIRC, the TomTom one is 16mm diameter.
Mike Alder (who used to post here, but has moved on to pastures new) has shown pictures in the past where he has filed or ground down a larger ball so it fitted a Tomtom socket and it seemed to work ok. I think he used a Dremmel-type mini drill and a grinding tip.

I should also have mentioned, Brodit do at least one attachment with a TT-size ball.

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