Via 1435TM Waiting for GPS signal

Sep 15, 2011
After an update, my Via 1435TM has started behaving badly. Pre-update, when I turned the unit on it would acquire a signal quickly. Usually before I could make it out of the driveway.

Post-update, it says "Waiting for valid GPS signal". It will literally sit like this for infinity and never get a signal lock. I have power cycle it three to ten times in order for it to lock on. I'm not being overly anxious either. I give it ample time to get a signal on each restart.
Obviously, this is unacceptable. I drive a service route. If I stop on a job for an hour or two and come back, many times it's back to "Waiting for a valid GPS signal".

Nothing has changed (other than the "update"). I'm still in the same geographic region, it's still mounted in the same old spot on my dash.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there a fix, or should I return this unit?
Unfortunately, with these new models for which the user has no access to the file system, there is precious little to suggest other than a unit reset.

With the pre-Navcore 10.x models, we could often suggest a fix for the issue......

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