Alltel and 720

Dec 9, 2008
I did a search and found some info on this but nothing worked so far. I have a TOMTOM720 and an Alltel Blackberry 8330. I tried manually setting up my bluetooth settings and using:

username: (e-mail address removed)
password: alltel
no script and auto setup for ip and dns. this doesn't work. it puts the phone in "modem mode enabled" and data goes back and forth but it never finalizes the session.

Do I need to have a tethering option on my acct? I also tried several of the Verizon logon's since someone posted they got their Alltel phone on the verizon network but it didn't work either. Please let me know if someone has any other ideas.

Do I need to have a tethering option on my acct?
If it's an option for your account type, you bet. The "tethering" (silly name for it, isn't it?) identifies whether or not your phone will be allowed to act as a Dialup Modem (via Bluetooth) for a device external to your phone. A lot of folks get confused, thinking that having net access over their phone (a data plan) automatically means that other devices can also use the phone to get to the net. Even for plans that offer it at no extra charge, it can be necessary to call the provider to get it enabled.

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