Adding POI, i.e.: RedBox locations

Aug 25, 2010
I would like to add RedBox locations in the metro atlanta area to my XL. I gave it a feeble try on my own and quickly became confused...

Has anyone done something like this? and would you be willing to tutor me thru the process?

thanks in advance,
If your model does not allow for custom poi files, that may be the issue.

If yours comes with 'EasyMenu' then it probably is one of them.

You can use Explorer to copy the custom .ov2 file (and associated .bmp file, if available) to the specific map folder but they still won't show up in the poi category list.
Like dhn says, if we don't know your model, we can't be sure if anything will work.

However, you can set up a free account at Having done that, you will find all of the RedBox locations at this link:

Redbox DVD Kiosk Locations - USA | POI Factory

You will see two download options - Garmin CSV and TomTom OV2. You want to download the latter.

Once you have that file (it's called "Redbox Kiosk Locations.ov2"), slide a copy over into your U.S. map folder on your TomTom. Again, without knowing your model, I can't say exactly what the folder name will be, but it should be pretty obvious and will contain U.S. or North America or somesuch.

Once you have the OV2 file in your map folder, power cycle your unit and see if you can find a Redbox entry anywhere in your POI list. If so, you're in business. If not ... well, sorry about that.

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