Why does tomtom keep using the springs in the mount which are really so bad?

Feb 4, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
rider1, rider 5, go500, go825

since the first mount for the rider 1, tomtom is using small springs for pushing the pins of the powersupply.
The mount of the rider 1 is one of the worst power mounts ever made.
Why? The springs wears out quickly and do not what they supposed to do, push the pins against the tomtom.

I have the rider 2013 for 9 months, And again, same issues again with the mount and the springs which is causing problems with my tomtom.
The pins are not pushed out enough from the mount to touch the contacts on the back of my rider2013.

What I really do not like about the mount, is that the plastic is drying out so much, that it just breaks when you touch it,
My mate has a rider v3. And the plastich of his mount is just falling apart while driving.
This is also appearing to the mount of the rider 2013.

I got a new one by tomtom, but why on earth, are they using the same powersuply as the rider1? It just does not work as it should be.

We are going to open the old mount of my rider2013 and will adjust the pins with "more expensive" parts which will make this mount more solid.
More expensive means that we will invest 5 euro's....yes. 5 euro's to solve this issue.. chance is we will get change back and i think it will cost us 3 euro's at the most to make a better powersupply.

The plastic which they are using is so bad, that the part where you twist the bolt in, comes loose from the mount (sorry for my english).
You can see that the plastic on that place is drying out and just breaks and torns,

Dont understand why they do this.

If tomtom is not upgrading their tomtom, i will choose for another brand.
Rider2013, cant do anything, no mp3, no tomtom live, no way to connect to my iphone apps for local speedingcamera's which are moving along the day across the highways.

I dont like Garmin at all. Their menu is causing me to throw those things through the window. But they do have a product which has more options etc. If ever Garmin are getting smart and make using their product as easy to use as a tomtom....i will get the garmin.
Better powersupply, better mounts which are not wearing out due to weather conditions.
First one who wakes up and make and option to putting apps on their device wins the battle.

Sorry to say that tomtom still stays stuck at their ideas how a rider must function and what kin dof options the consumer wants,. They are using cheap stuff, which breaks while looking at it.
I am dissapointed. It costed me over 400 euro's. Within 1 year I had to send my device to tomtom to get it fixed.
Wake up over there!

Sorry, I just getting upset cause i do not understand why they dont give the consumer more choices what they want to use the rider for. It was my choice to pay al lot of money. But this is ,i think the last time.
I rather get a week off from work to find out how a garmin works, but have options, about the weather, mp3 ec etc.

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