TomTom Go500 does not support Tyre imports

Jun 16, 2009
TomTom Model(s)
GO 930 GO500
Retired my old Go930 in favour of the relatively new Go500. Been very satisfied with Tyre for planning itinerarys for road-trips as the software makes it possible to exactly plan my route even on small back-roads. Indeed the transfer from Tyre to TomTom is the business idea behind Tyre as I have understood it.

Imagine my surprise when the newer model Go500 does not support import from Tyre. I contacted support at Tyre and their response was: "It is not a Tyre problem, it is a choice of TomTom and we have no influence of that."

Does anyone out there have a work -around for this ?
That is correct, we lost that when we lost those great "Nav2" devices -- neither the previous generation "Nav3" nor the new "Nav4" units support the *.itn itinerary files created by TYRE. At best, you create an *.ov2 (POI) file instead and use that, but it means having to select each point as you go. The less painful approach to that is to number them so they come up in sequence on the screen (e.g., 01_TRIP, 02_TRIP, etc.). There's a reason that I hang on to my old 740!
Or you might "resurrect" your old tomTom - download the route to that device and transfer it to your new one using the transfer tool ?
That isn't going to work, Oysteinhol. The new unit still won't accept an *.itn file, nor would it know how to route point to point even if it did!
The only real solution NOW for the GO500 is to save all of the points as "favorites.ov2" (naming them as I mentioned above) and transfer that to the GO500 as a "My Places" list from another unit (using the Transfer Assistant that you mentioned) because the GO500 STILL doesn't have custom POI support, either! The good news is that TomTom has promised they'll get POI support to us -- eventually.
OK. Thank you so much for your input. Will have to put it to the test soon. But I still don't understand how this problem arose - I imagined that TomTom and Tyre cooperated - now it seems that TomTom does not want the functionality that the Tyre program brings to its devices. If it ain't broke....don't mend it!!
We've felt that many times, and expressed it to TomTom almost as many times.
So for the moment, to reiterate, and in much more detail ...

If you wish to save your old info for your GO930, FIRST back up the mapsettings.cfg file inside the map folder of your GO930 to your PC somewhere.
Delete the mapsettings.cfg file from your GO930.
Create all of your trip waypoints as Favorites on your GO930.

If you don't already have it, download the Transfer Assistant here >>>
There are separate versions for Mac and Windows.

Fire up the Transfer Assistant and connect your GO930 and follow the Transfer Assistant instructions.
At some point, it will ask you to disconnect the 930 and connect your 'next' device, which will be your GO500.
After finishing the instructions and disconnecting your 500, you will find all of the favorites from your 930 all appear as 'My Places' on your 500.

If you wish, you can now copy the mapsettings.cfg file back from your PC to your 930.

Since the 500 will place all of your 'My Places' entries in alpha sort order, naming them as noted above allows you to know which is which. You can get creative with this, of course: 01_Minneapolis, 02_Ames, 03_KansasCity etc. or whatever works for you. By using the numeric up front, it displays them in your desired sequence.

A few things to know about using Transfer Assistant:

1) Transfer Assistant APPENDS to what already exists (if anything) in My Places in your 500.
2) There's supposed to be an upper limit of 96 'My Places' items on the 500. I found that this isn't true... see below.
3) Never load up more than about 40 at a time or you'll get duplicates. If that means creating favorites on your 930 more than once to get a total of more than 40 entries, delete the first 40 from your 930 and a fresh load of 40 more on your 930 before moving them to your 500.
4) If you follow rule #3, keeping in mind #1, you'll discover that it will hold a lot more than 96 entries, and you can avoid duplicates.
My new TomTom GO 500 is a lovely GPS but I'd like to add my voice to the chorus of disappointment that route import from Tyre is not supported. The routes can be entered manually but it's a clunky and tedious process!
  • I cannot get my Go 500 to be recognized with the file transfer assistant. I have even tried it as the transfer from unit. Any suggestions. My Go 930 was still the best. Bought 4 different 540 TM's and all would keep losing the satellite's. So far not happy with this one either. No itinerary function. The Garmin I bought I don't like but so far it's better than the 500 or the 540. .

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