TomTom XL2 IQ routes - 7yr old map - no map updates - is there a way to update?

Aug 22, 2019
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as the title - have been so pleased with my newly recovered TomTom XL - I bought a second for my other half who wasn't getting on with her Garmin.

However - while my TomTom XL IQ Routes has Western Europe coverage and seems to continue to have map updates regularly - when I plugged the new one (UK and Ireland version) in to update its maps via TomTom Home2 - no updates were offered and just got a message box from TomTom saying the unit is obsolete and they offer a discount on a new one.

The maps in it must be around 7 years old - as it doesn't have roundabouts on some of the local routes that were put in around then.

so the question/s - is there any way to update the map
if so, will my Western Europe ap fit? ( I suspect not )

suggestions welcome

much appreciated!
Afraid that model is considered End of Life. No map updates, in other words.
thanks dhn - yep - I gather that's TomTom's position on them.
but, as its just a file located on the internal drive, is it not possible to replace the existing 7 year old map with a more up to date version.
I saw a process for replacing the file manually / without TomTom Home in the FAQ here so I was hoping I could use that and would then just need to find a more up to date file - and since these were freely issued until a year or so ago I was hoping they would be available somewhere.....(it doesn't have to be bang up to date - just better than 7 years old!) :)
Or is there a technological reason that prevents this approach?
Or is there a technological reason that prevents this approach?
In this particular case, yes. TomTom has added so much new map geometry that the new maps won't fit in the available space on some of the older devices with less memory than needed. For a while, TomTom was producing 'partial' maps of certain regions of the continent to get owners with 'small memory model' devices something that would keep these devices going, but no longer.
Thanks, both - but surely there is enough physical space on there for an updated UK map?

regarding the legality / policy issue - i'm not actually trying to put a full European map on there - I would be happy with a more up to date version of the UK and Ireland map on there at the moment - even one a couple of years old would be fine 99% of the time. so no attempting to defraud tomtom as this would have been freely available if this unit had just been plugged into Home in the last few years.

just a case of trying to make the unit useable for my other half who lost confidence in it when it tells her to exit the roundabout at the 2nd exit - but the map is now out of date and she needs to take the 3rd exit. if you see what i mean.
Wish that they would still do the smaller maps (like the old UK & Ireland), but they don't now that the units are larger.
Problem is, the maps are keyed to the serial number of the device, so it's not like anyone could produce one for you from another unit.
OK - understood - thanks for the info. its always appreciated - even if it's not the news I was hoping for.
Hello! My tomtom western europe app not working in i phone 13. Plz help me.

For the Tomtom application to work on your iPhone you must purchase the application from the Apple store.
Hello! My tomtom western europe app not working in i phone 13. Plz help me.
Did you download the latest tomtom go navigation app? You might not have a valid subscription. You can either by the subscription from the apple store or sometime there are vouchers available for a discount price to buy the subscription directly via

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