tomtom XL2 IQ traffic receiver

Jan 15, 2011
i've a TOMTOM XL2 IQ satnav and my son has bought me the traffic adaptor. Only problem is... the traffic adaptor plugs into the same place on the satnav as the car charger.. so you can't really use the traffic adapter on long journeys as you would need the battery to be on charge. This seems one hell of a short-sighted piece of design... is there any way round this, like a 2-way adaptor that will plug into the ~TOMTOM? (there is only 1 input socket on the TOMTOM) I've looked for an adapter but can't find one..
Plug the traffic receiver in to the base of the TomTom and plug the "redundant" chrager lead that came with your TomTom in to the Mini USB socket on the side of the RDS-TMC receiver.
The Mini USB style RDS receivers need to be powered to work, and as you rightly point out the device needs to be powered, it gets this power through the RDS receiver - Mike
I often mistake what you get in your box vs. what we get here, but this one piece gizmo

- Accessories - TomTom

is designed to both power the unit and provide traffic. See that little oval lump on the cable? That's the traffic receiver.

Can you describe what it is that you have now for a traffic receiver that does not include the charger/cig plug? Does it look like this?

RDS TMC Traffic Receiver - Accessories - TomTom

If so, it should connect to your existing car charger.

Our regular UK host here is going to be unavailable on and off for the next little while, or I'm sure he'd elaborate further.
Never mind. I see Mike was here after all, and has provided the same info about plugging your receiver (option #2) into your charger unit.
rds traffic

thanks guys.. must admit i didn't spot that little socket in the RDS lead! in my defense, the lead came in a plain plastic bag with no literature at all, and i was fiddling about with it in the car in the half-light.. so didn't notice that the RDS lead had an input..

thanks again :)

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