TomTom keeps loading an old, deleted route on start-up

Sep 18, 2019
Wallingford, UK
<img src="/styles/default/custom/flags/gb.png" alt="United Kingdom" /> United Kingdom
TomTom Model(s)
Rider 410
I've deleted all routes/tracks on the sat nav, deleted the same from 'My Drive' and have tried a re-set several times. Otherwise it works fine - never had problems with updates - nor loading routes/tracks from My Drive or MyRoute-app. Using an iMac to connect. Current work round is to remove 'Current Route' - small issue - just irritating - and wondered if anyone knows how to stop it? Many thanks.
By any chance do you own a 2nd TomTom device where the route on the 2nd device could be syncing to the 410?
The old information can only come from one of three places ... your 410, another device that uses the same account login (which you do not have) or the MyDrive cloud server.

I always hate to recommend a full reset of a device since that means going back through all of your settings preferences, but if the last two options are clearly not possible, that leaves us with only one way for that information to keep being retained.

If that doesn't do it, then we will know that there's some latent stuff on the MyDrive server that you can't see but keeps being pushed to your device -- at which time, support would have to investigate.
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@canderson - many thanks. I did a factory reset x2 on advice of support and then soft reset. Updated my preferences and that seems to have solved that problem, but I now have another one. I can't get the device to sync with MyDrive on my iMac - there's only one route/track on MyDrive (deleted everything else) which I've just uploaded from MyRoute-app - that's how I've always loaded them previously. Nor can I sync anything from MyPlaces. Would be grateful for any suggestions.
Have never used the MyRoute app, I may download the trial sometime to play with it to see if we can recommend it for users of non-Rider devices.
Speaking of which, by any chance to you have a small file that this app has generated? Can you zip it and attach it to me here so that I can see how MyRoute formats its *.gpx data?

Let's work with the MyDrive web app to get this sorted.
First, when nothing wants to sync, it's important that the MyDrive web account login and the login provided to your device match.
Almost hate to ask, but you DID, when going back through your Rider 410 preferences, set up a login to the TT server, and it does match your MyDrive web login? If not, that would entirely explain the lack of sync.
I believe I DID log-in, but at my age senior moments seem to occur more frequently! So I've gone through the whole process again, factory re-set etc and definitely logged-in this time - MyPlaces have loaded and the route has loaded as a track onto the Rider. Hooray! One thing though - up until these recent problems I've used the Rider successfully for some 5 years and had never previously needed to connect my phone, but this time the Rider appeared unable to connect to the web without my phone connection being paired, which it now is and live traffic info' is being shown on the home map - I didn't use that facility before. I've attached the file you asked for and many thanks again for all your help and patience!


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Appreciate the file. Oldsoldier. I see that it built a combined Track / Route hybrid file. That's what I expected based upon the previous way its predecessor built files, but nice to have it confirmed.

You say that you used your Rider unpaired from your phone ... I was unaware that the Rider 410 model had its own SIM card and cellular connectivity -- but other than connecting with your phone (either Bluetooth or WiFi), how else would it get traffic data when you're out on the road?

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