TomTom 25 keeps disconnecting during downloading

Nov 29, 2015
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TomTom Model(s)
Start 25
My device (only purchased in Aug 2013) starts to download but once it has reached 3% of the download onto my device a "Something has gone wrong" = Not Connected! problem develops.

I have tried the following to no avail:

1 - Followed all the instructions on the TomTom Support web site to try and resolve the issue - Issue not resolved

2 - Re-installed MyDrive Connect (several times) Windows 10 - Issue not resolved.

3 - Installed My Drive Connect on two other computers (Windows 7 and 8.1 - Issue not resolved.

After re-installing MyDrive Connect sometimes I am informed that my device is up to date .............but there is no available data on my device

My device frequently starts to download and then disconnects around the 3% - 5% points.

I am informed my Maps are corrupted.

This situation has occurred several times but after a couple of days the problem has previously rectified itself

However the current problem has now continued for over a week and as a result my TomTom is absolutely useless :(

I can only assume that the problem I am experiencing is due to a software download issue but any assistance in resolving this matter will be greatly appreciated.........
Are you using the cable that came with the device? Could an anti-virus or firewall be interfering with proper transmission to/from the servers? Do you have a power saving setting on your computer shutting down the hard drive after X minutes of inactivity?

Also, there is support:

United Kingdom
02079 490 134
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
dhn - Thank you for your reply.........

Yes I am using the original cable (which is not defective) and the device has previously worked with my anti-virus programme without any issues TomTom

During the TomTom downloads I set the power saving setting for 1hr but after approximately 5minutes the device switches from "connected" to "Not Connected"

I did check to make sure it is enabled on my Firewall which it is, however on further interrogation I am informed that it is an Incompatible programme.

I tried resetting the compatability to Windows 8 ans also XP service pack 2 but I still keep getting the same problem.

I have indeed contacted support detailing the problem and am currently awaiting a response

Once again many thanks for your help and assistance :)
I have the same problem under Windows 10 BUT mine is resolved under Windows 7 on a different machine. My TomTom 6000 says it is still USB connected to my PC but MyDriveConnect thinks that the connection has failed. TomTom Support are no help as they blame it on a lack of power to the USB port on my MS Surface Pro 3. As the USB connection is still maintained I believe there is an intrinsic issue in the way that MyDrive interacts with the server and the TomTom device.
I believe the same as you SmartDriver that it has to be an intrinsic issue in the way that MyDrive interacts with the server and the TomTom device especially as the problem was repeated across three computers all running different operating systems.................and has again mysteriuosly started to funtion once more (until the next time it decides to take some time out)

TomTom support insisted it was because of the following reasons:
  1. Aggressive anti-virus/firewalls.
  2. Poor Wi-Fi connection.
  3. ISP or Router issues. This also includes business networks.
However if this was the case, then why on earth is it working ok again with no aterations to any of the above.

To be fair TomTom support did advise that if the issue persists to get back touch to arrange for a remote session to resolve the issue - at a time when it would be most convenient for me with a number I would like to be called on etc.

However, as previously stated, because my TomTom 25 started working again (after several days) this option was no longer necessary.

So my action plan for future issues of this nature will be to unplug the TomTom for a week and give it a rest hoping that it will wake up in a better more cooperative mood LoL

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