TomTom Discussions Community Closure

Once you are not driving a truck any longer on a daily base you shouldn't see that many problems any longer.
Yes England is history for me! Before the Brexit I drove there almost weekly. Coming from Italy, Austria or Switzerland.Return cargo to Austria I always had old what has to do with Rolls Royce. Whole old cars or just spare parts or engines etc. In Dornbirn (A) is the largest Rolls Royce Museum in Europe, they got the stuff! But now only Germany, Switzerland,Austria and occasionally Norway or Sweden. That is also enough. If I am then retired I just drive with the BMW and truck setting. :DSo you can also test.
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I’m another one who frequently moaned….sorry rephrase, asked questions on the TT Discussion pages.

The guys on there helped out loads, so it’s sad to see it all closed down, they could have left it read only

Calling Customer Services and now closing their discussions page….what next!
TomTom`s crazy actions have never been transparent! The forum costs money - so away with it. The statement that the devices are so good that you no longer need the forum is ridiculous! I would argue that the opposite is the case!
They are just leaving the CS to the TT Website, probably costing 3 times less, with offices in India.

TT have lost a lot of good history helping people by closing the discussions website :(

There’s one thing I hate, is CS using ‘cases’ and not getting answers immediately, I was recently chatting to them about an issue and it took literally a week to sort out.

I would message into the case I created, then next day it would get answered, then I would reply, then waited till following day for a their answer ….this went in for days! Which really p’d me off
TT have lost a lot of good history helping people by closing the discussions website :(
That's the worst of it. The loss of the history. Had they even just made the old content read-only, it would have been a good resource for answers already available.

It's still possible to see content that was cached by some search engines, and there's always the site, but you can't move between pages with those. Not very convenient.
Just realized it will be twelve months at the end of this month since TT shut down their official forum
Yes, just noticed this. Here, we have been very quiet for a long time after the 'official' board was started. Prior to that, this was the most popular site for discussion of Tomtom issues. It will be interesting to see what impact this has on our site here.
Has there been an increase in use of this forum? I was new to here last December so have no idea how quiet it was before but it doesn't seem to have that many visitors when I do log on.
In my opinion people connect to the forum and ask a question only when they have a problem with their GPS.
Also true of any technical support forum and not just motoring related either.

Although the Alfa website I belong to has a fairly active none motoring related discussion page.
I was wondering, but have found that the TomTom Mapshare Reporter feature is still functioning -
I have posted an issue relating to a street which I am always directed to use, even though it is clearly signed Access Only for cars and motorcycles.
Apologies, although the URL icon will work for intertested members, I had intended to share the full URL string.
I hope this doesn't convert to an icon this time ..... we'll try it.


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