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Oct 21, 2012
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Official TomTom discussion forums closing - this site will remain active. Quote from TomTom below:

After much deliberation we have decided to close the TomTom Discussions community. The community has been an active part of our lives since 2012 and this
decision was not taken lightly.

The Discussions community has been instrumental in providing support to millions of TomTom users over the last decade. Our products have grown and don’t require as much support as they used to, and the traffic on this site has gradually been decreasing.

Our help site will stay active, and we have numerous third party forums out there that can still offer a fantastic level of support for you. You
can find those links at the end of this post.

On 28-Nov we made this community read-only. On 29-Nov the community will no longer be accessible.
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Yes, just noticed this. Here, we have been very quiet for a long time after the 'official' board was started. Prior to that, this was the most popular site for discussion of Tomtom issues. It will be interesting to see what impact this has on our site here.
I am not sure I agree with the TomTom statement "Our products have grown and don’t require as much support as they used to..." but TomTom increasingly has chosen to close down most areas of communication with its end users. :cool:
Hello David, hello Arno

and I welcome all others here in the forum who want to continue to take care of TT matters.

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Seeing some familiar names here. Welcome!
As a consequence of TomTom's abrupt closure of its official support forum, we will undoubtedly be making changes here to accommodate a wider range of TT products. As there has been no strong prior need based upon the official TT support, we have not kept up with the various apps (e.g., Amigo, GO Ride, and others). So be a little patient with us as we review what it makes sense to keep, discard, and add to our forum areas here, and consider how we might best restructure them.
@ c-a-r-l-o-s @ Bembo
Please note that this forum has been set up for communications in the English language only.
If you have a good reason to use an other language please use Google Translate or any such program to post in English too.
Thank you, Arno
Good day to everyone - incredibly shocked to discover the TT discussions community had been closed down with no advance warning.
At the very least, it would have been extremely professional to have notified all the main contributors who have posted for many years of their intentions and is more likely to have been instigated as a further cost reduction measure.
I cannot agree of their claim that ”….Our products don‘t require as much support as they used to” and a world class company would not have removed such an important facility. Time will tell.
Great to have the opportunity to post on here and recognise some very established members.
Quite shocked to see the banner yesterday stating I had Permission Problem in accessing the Discussion forum, then today discovering that it had been closed down!
It's not as if TomTom staff were inundated with responding to many serious shortcomings with their latest models!
Very disappointing.

But here we are.
Official TomTom discussion forums closing - this site will remain active. Quote from TomTom below:
Sad, but I am not suprised. This is how companys make the big mistake , Customer service should always come first and The Forum is part of that service,without it I would have ditched my Tom Tom a long time ago.
OK if they decide they don't want to host support forums any more but they should have left the forums readonly. Maybe they got fed up with being told how much better the original TomTom app on the iPhone was that they needlessly replaced?:) The original iPhone app still works perfectly on iOS 16.1.1 just lacking the traffic service that I for one would happily pay for. It's scandalous that they removed it from the App Store so even though you paid for it you cannot download it any more.
Hallo Arno, wie komme ich in den Deutsche Teil? Danke für deine Hilfe.
LG. Bembo
Es gibt keinen deutschen Teil.
Bitte auf english schreiben damit Jeder es lesen und helfen kann, oder garnicht.

There is no German section.
Please, write in English, so everyone can read it and help, or not at all.


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