TomTom Go showing falsly night time mode on the mirrored device

Jan 10, 2012
I mirror my TomTom Go from the Android smartphone to my Android car entertainment center. When starting TomTom, it shows dayview on the car device - whereas, as soon as I start driving, the car screen changes to night mode even during day time. What is your advice to have the car screen on daytime mode all the time?


Mirrored or using Android Auto?
Someone else recently noticed this behavior from Android Auto as well, and had not seen it before. The reply back from TomTom was clear about any potential source:

" I am afraid we do not control it in our app. Google maps is using proprietary library for AA. Our implementation relies on different AA library and we do not control day/night modes on Head Unit."

If more details emerge, I'll check back in and advise.

Meanwhile, check this setting in Android Auto if possible:



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