Confused about Tomtom website re maps & content

Sep 10, 2022
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Rider 550
My word the Tomtom interface makes me want to burn my Rider 550!

So, when I got the Rider, I downloaded MyDrive, and shortly after subscribed to map updates etc. I saw a page which allowed me to see which maps were on the device, and to add more etc. Now I cannot find that page. Help says that I just click on My Content on Mydrive Connect... but the option simply isn't there!

I'd also like to add custom voices, but when I search for Add Voices, it sends me to a page where there are only the default options, and none that I can buy.

Finally, I have an email saying that I have subscribed etc, but when I look at my account on the website, it says Payment Failed.

This is ridiculous, I don't know how or even if I can update my device.

Any help with the above is highly appreciated!
At the top of the MyDrive Connect app screen, there should be a 'MY CONTENT' bar. Having selected that, you can scroll down if needed to see additional information.

Let me know if your screen looks anything like this when you select that bar. If not, we'll have a look at your device and have a look in Maps & Display.

Item 1.jpg
Thanks for the reply!

I don't have that, I just have what is in the pic below. I tried to look for MyDrive Connect as opposed to just the MyDrive screen I have, and it sends me to the support tab on the website.

I should have stated btw, I'm in England. So I'm not sure if that is the issue.

Edit: Do I need to have TomTom Go? I'm already paying £45 for a subscription, please tell me they don't want another £20 for a second app!


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Oh my word I am an idiot.

I wasn't using the app. I was using MyDrive on my browser.

Thanks for the help, I worked it out thanks to you!
Some of us told them time and again that naming three different products MyDrive was just going to confuse and was a poor idea:
1. phone app
2. PC app
3. Web planning app
Yeah, it is kind of confusing. Plus Go made me extra confused.

Since the app sends me to browser for route planning, I just set a bookmark and used that to cut out the middleman. I completely forgot that the app was a whole different thing.

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