Mar 28, 2013
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via 125

I need somone to call me or email me with simple steps to update my VIA live? Im a Taxi driver and my TT has recently began to perform much more slowly, I think it maybe because it has not been updated in over a year or more.

TT VIa Live 125

Do reply to me and let me know what steps to follow,



(e-mail address removed) / 07757902557
If you have not already done so, you need to download the support application here:
Further, you need to register your device with TomTom.
Once you have the application installed, plug in your unit. When asked to log in, assuming you have not already done so, create an account for your unit. If you owned a TomTom previously, do NOT use the same email address this time. Create a new one for this unit. After that, the application will offer any updates that you have available.
Firstly thank you for offering patience ......that's what youll need on this thread.

Ok something is still not right and Im back on the old trial that stumped me before, but lets see if we can get the unit updated this time. Ive downloaded Mydriveconnect, Im sure my unit is a Vialive first 4 SN digits FP54 . Unit subscription has not been renewed since buying almost two years ago....messages are still being received on bootup re updating maps ect.

Im unsure if the cable Im using is faulty BUT the end plug fits perfectly into the unit, I also have another similar cable Both seem to fit nicely....USB into computer no issues there I don't think .BUT....unit is not being seen by computer at all???

Ive reregistered with a new TT account thinking that might do the trick but pc still does not see unit.

All good advice welcome,

When you plug the unit into the computer, is there a small image of a computer on the screen? (should be).

What operating system are you using? What browser?
If you are referring to the Mydriveconnect icon in the taskbar bottome right Yes that's there along with a pcicon, using 7pro, but no small image of a computer on main desktop page with unit cables are connected....pc is not seeing the unit at all . Will price a new cable in case current cables are out of spec or faulty.
No, I mean an image of a computer on the screen of the device when you connect it to the computer.
Watch the lower left corner when you plug in. The battery icon should change to a tiny little computer screen rectangle with tiny black keyboard under it.

As for that systray icon that you spotted in the lower right corner of your computer screen, if you right click on it, does it indicate "Connected"?
For info, the PC will NOT see recent models such as yours as a disk drive or "mass storage device" - that's perfectly normal.
TomTom switched over to a system where the device is seen as a sort of network adapter, which means you cannot browse the TT's contents like you used to.

However, that tiny icon mentioned above should appear on the TT screen, and if MyTomTom/MyDrive is running, it should say "connected" when you click on the icon in the PC notification area (next to the clock)

Next USB cable arrived....still TT Home is not seeing the device when connected neither is Mydriveconnect......and as a result no Computer icon on device screen.

Next ?
Let's double check something. A 'charging only' cable will cause your tiny little battery icon to just disappear when connecting your 125 to an external power source. A proper computer connection through a full USB cable will cause the tiny battery icon to change to a tiny computer monitor/keyboard look icon. Please identify what DOES happen when you connect the cable between your device and PC. Turn the unit on, and observe the battery icon first, then connect the cable and see what happens.

Depending upon what you have to say about that, we'll move on to the next step.


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You need MyDrive with that model. Not Home. Also, don't use a usb 3 port on your computer to connect.

And, see HERE
OK...deleted TTHOME....Mydriveconnect installed. So my device is connected not straight to my pc as all USB inputs are taken, so I purchased a three input USB adapter two of these ports are using other peripherals and they are working fine. The USB cable arrived from TomTom today and just read package box it states Compact Car Charger but cable plugs fit USB multiadapter fine as does the other end fit perfectly into the device. Im not using external power sources....simply TT to USB computer .

Now this tiny battery icon is unseen on the TT device anywhere. My device is currently showing my GPS current position, if I hit the screen I get the six icon main menu....Nav To, ViewMap,Planroute,Services, settings, and Help

Sorry no option BUT to use 3way USB adapter again USB mouse and headphones work jus fine using the other two ports so the device should also?

Model: Via Live 125 ......Next
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I added some photos to my comments above. See what those mean to you.
Im not using external power sources....simply TT to USB computer.
Have another look at the pictures candeson put up in his post.

Any time the USB cable is used it is supplying external power to the Via Live 125. Either via the powered on computer (the 1st picture) or through the Compact Car Charger. ( the 2nd picture).
When ever that happens, the battery is getting charged at the same time (fastest if the power on the device is switched off).
Only when the GPS is switched on, without being connected to any cable, will you see the little battery icon (the 3rd picture).

On your computer open the Internet browser you are using. and make sure you have a connection.
Now, with the MyDrive Connect installed you should see a little red TomTom icon in the notification area of your computer, next to the clock.
Connect your device withe the USB cable and click on the icon.
In the popup above the icon move the mouse to the MyDrive box which will turn blue. Click it and a new tab or window will open in your browser.
You will be asked to sign in with username and password. After that, MyDrive will open and if there are any updates for your device, they will be shown.
Hi ,

Latest: Thanks for the replies to date. Just off phone with TT, it seems that because the TT device is not registering on network adapters or in USB devices, that my pc USB ports is the issue, so looks like I need another computer to load the updates, more later.


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