Mightily confused by RDS TMC versions

Mar 18, 2010
Lincoln, UK
TomTom Model(s)
Start 60

I'm looking to buy one of these TMC widgets for my Start 60 for use in Europe but am confused by versions/part numbers. I read, but can't find the thread, a statement by Nikko (staff) that the correct part number is: 9UUC.002.00.2.

Searching the web finds comments that the adapter supplied with this to convert from mini to micro USB is thought to be too thick and might be a problem so I look a little further...

Amazon (sorry, Tomtom, their prices are better than yours) list a model for Starts (all models except 60!) with a part number 4UUC.001.05 which has the right angled micro USB plug just the same as my charger.

Also listed is a 9UUC.002.00 shown with mini USB (presumably with adaptor supplied).
Are both suitable? Is one better than the other? reasons as well as verdict appreciated.





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