TomTom confused

Apr 22, 2009
hi all,

Am a noob, I can't seem to find the correct information.

I have had my TomTom ONE XL, stolen. It was a present and I want to replace it.

I can only find TT ONE, or TT XL's.

MY ONE XL, had a SIM card slot and I want to get a replacement TOMTOM which has this so I can upgrade and put an extra map in it, which appears to come in SD format.

Now, I want to get the US canada MAP for when i go over fomr the UK, do I simply put the SD chip with the map , does it depend on how much memory there is internally or does this not matter.

If I get a TOMTOM with no SD slot, am I still knackered, I'm assuming I cant upgarde the memory by opening it and putting in a new memory card or somthing. So in short should I get a TOMTOM with a slot at all costs?

I gues I'm asking Is there an equivalent TOMTOM to my old ONE XL? or will the newer XL do the same job. If there is not enough memory I cant upload a map (of US/Canada) could I upgrade an XL memory as well.

I can buy cheap ones from the net but dont want to chance it in case of stolen or reliability, do you TOMTOM for example still supply ONE XL's.

I am extremly upset at loosing this present, I loved using my ONE XL, it was really good and reliable, please help me

many thanks

The tomtom XL 340 is the new name for the One XL. When launching the XL 330 series last year, tomtom removed the SD (not SIM) slot. The SD slots are currently only available in GO models.

You can buy the ONE XL here as a refurb. Also, for almost the same price, Radio Shack and Newegg sell refurb GO 720s for $150.

Just beware that refurbs don't come with LMG so you'll have to live with an old map or pay for a new one. Also, they only carry a 6 month warranty from tomtom.
thanks for the speedy response.

quick question again pls bare with me am a GPS virgin :)

TOM one's ad XL's,
do they have enough space to download the Canada map, even if it overwrites the UK one

and what is LMG?

thanks man
You can always MOVE the UK map folder to your computer prior to downloading another map.

LMG = Latest Map Guarantee.

For NEW units in North America, you can get the latest map within 30 days of first use. REfurbs are not eleigible (unlike Europe, where they are). However, it appears that TT, on a case by case basis, will sometimes provide the latest map for NA refurbs. Just don't count on it.

maybe not clear, I live in UK and will be looking at immigrating to Canada (ONT.) probably this/next year depending on paperwork.

hence why I'm concerned about maps.

wondering if its cheaper for me to get a cheap TT here then but a new one when I get there.

I can get a refurbed/newish TT oneXL via amazon if need be, but looking at prices I'm prolly just as better off buying a new one?
Yeah, may be the best move. Sell the current unit in the UK and get a brand new one when you get here. Hard to tell what models will be available in a year or so but you can do your research beforehand.
While you are still in the UK grab a 720 from Here which you will be able to update the application and map to the latest standard for free (do the app before the map though).

Then purchase the North American or Canadian map for the device and install that to an SD or SDHC card, this will offer you the best solution and should you decide to visit Europe at some future point you will have a functional map on your return, I doubt you will beat that price for the capability the 720 offers over and above any of the XL or One range - Mike

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