Confused on TT 720 map update - no discount with TomTom Home

Jun 15, 2008
I got an email from TomTom stating the maps are currently 40% off. I have the North America 2 GB version, see screenshot for app and map version:

If I go through the email link, the map is $44.95 Online purchase LINK
If I go through my TomTom home, the map is more expensive: $64.95

I would rather buy it online since it would obviously be cheaper than buying it through the TomTom Home application. I don't know how TomTom Home works, and not sure if it has to update my 720 app version before installing the new map and if that is the reason it is more expensive or if it doesn't know about the sale.

Question: My TT Home says my map is 4 quarters old. A new map is cheaper than updating the old map, can I just buy it online without any problems?
When I click that link, I see $64.95 US for the map. You do have the latest application and, yes, your map is over a year old.

You may wish the map subscription series where you pay to update to the current map and then a flat amount for 4 more updates over the next year.

The older your current map, the more you pay to update to the current one.

A new map is scheduled for about 3 weeks from now so if you wait till after that, your update charge will be somewhat more but you still will pay the same amount for the next 4 updates after that.
OK, I see now that it is GBP 44.95, not American dollars). On the top of the website menu next to "About TomTom", It was on United Kingdom instead of United States.

Thanks for the heads-up by the way, I'll buy the map update before the new release.

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