.ov2 files on Via 135

Jul 8, 2019
TomTom Model(s)
VIA 135
Where can I view the .ov2 files on my Via 135, please? I need to delete old custom ones and replace with new ones from a different source. Have imported files to My Drive but it then refers me to My Places on my device, which doesn't seem to exist, presumably because it's an old model(?).
MyDrive Connect which I previously used does not seem to work for me now, in that I can't find Manage Community content when I'm logged in and right click the task bar icon.
Any advice gratefully received.

Deleting, replacing or adding a new custom POI category requires that you use the MyDrive app on your PC (not the MyDrive web app which is needed for later generation devices), but only as the 'connection' to your device. Be sure MyDrive is running and that you can see the system tray icon for it with your 135 plugged in.

With your browser running, right click on the TomTom MyDrive icon in the system tray and select "Manage community content". You will get a browser page that allows you to manipulate your custom content. Yes, your Via 135 is a little mini-server with an IP address of

While updates are managed by the bigger MyDrive app interface on your PC, custom content is not. It just needs to be running in the background to support the device connection to the PC.
Thanks for your reply. I've now realised that I was right-clicking the wrong icon ie that showing in the application area rather than the system tray (which admittedly is a little small for my eyes! Ah the joys of "seniority" in years!!).
I've now done what I wanted, but, as discussed elsewhere, why does it take so long ie ~30minutes, to deal with a 220kb file?? Map updates have always taken hours to complete.
Anyway, I have learned quite a bit - all I now have to do is remember it all!!
Thanks again.

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