Go 500 custom OV2 files, and speed cam question

Dec 1, 2010
New York
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Though the issues of custom pois and speed cams for the go 500 have come up before, I'm a bit confused by a conversation I had with TT customer support.

1. Was TT customer service rep correct in saying custom POI files work on the go 500?

On the go 500 can I have individual Custom POIs? Or just one lump of a file with my "favorites" - On my old xxl 540 I currently use individual custom POIs for various purposes such as a list of all top tier gas stations, or locations that pertain to a particular trip, speed traps on a particular road, or whatever. I usually use TYRE to create these OV2 files.

The 540 also helpfully stores recently used destinations, and has a list of favorites as well, but as all here know, that's different from poi files.

2. Traffic cams are now a monthly charge?

My old 540 has lifetime traffic cams. Where I live, this is a very useful feature. And when I spot a new "safety" camera, I add it to the database for the benefit of myself and all TT users. Do I understand correctly that buying a Go 500 means I would have to pay monthly to get the traffic cam database I have been using and contributing to for years?
Thank's for sorting this DHN.

In so many ways the new Go 500 seems like a great unit. And putting back lifetime maps and traffic is a good step.

Personally, I wouldn't buy or recommend one of these lacking this functionality.
Why did TT remove custom POI / ov2 file functionality in the first place?

And contributing for years to a user supported database of traffic cameras with my xxl540, then being asked to pay for subscription access?

It's frustrating that TT has been removing functionality over the years then seeking to charge by subscription to put it back.
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It's not so much that TomTom 'removed' this feature (though that's how it looks), it's that it has taken them a great deal longer than it should have (considering when they started selling these things - even longer ago in Europe) to get it coded right in its new form so that it works properly. Problem is that they started over with a brand new platform again (wish they would quit that!) and are apparently taking a brand new approach to the whole POI loading issue.

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