Permanently change default zoom level GO500, possible??

Jan 14, 2019
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TomTom Model(s)
When approaching a street crossing where I'm supposed to turn left ot right it frequently happens that I drive too far and mis my L or R turn (especially in complicated situations). This NEVER happens when I zoom in manually one step. So I would like to make THAT zoom level the default. Does anyone know how o do that?
If your Menu > Setting > Automatic zoom is set as "Zoom in to next turn" see if "Based on road type is better for or try "None" and do it manually when you want changes.
Careful with the latter as here you may end up with a $ 1,000 fine and 3 point on the licence which will increase your insurenc for at least three years.
I would very much like to have it leave my zoom level alone, too. I have raised this issue with every test of every Nav4 device TomTom has released. They still don't get it. One's 'personal horizon' doesn't match the default zoom level, especially for urban driving. I always have to reset mine at the beginning of each trip as well to get it not to run me past intersections. I feel your pain. I can't get them to fix it. There's no reason they can't restore the last known zoom level when these things boot up.

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