Battery Change

That's actually a regulatory certification number, not a model. If you can give us the first two characters of your serial number, we'll know what you own and what can be done about the battery.
OK. We have found you! What you have is called a Start 25 in North America.
Yes, the battery can be replaced with some patience.

The bad news --- seems TT couldn't decide which battery to use on the Start 25. So you would first need to YouTube a video of the procedure, get your device opened up, and see which of the battery/connector versions yours uses .. 700mAh, 900mAh or 1000mAh. It will be marked on the battery, More important, there are some connector differences. See this web page at a popular supplier >>

A video of the disassembly can be found here >>
Obviously, you aren't looking to mess with a Nokia battery, but this shows how it comes apart.
I Have included Pic of Battery . . .

Tom Tom Battery Mod.jpg items are usually not available from and .com will not ship here.
Best bet is eBay. Before the current mess lots of Chinese companies kept warehouses in the States and could deliver here for peanuts.

The web page returns your zip.
Wouldn't go for one from eBay. No telling how they've been stored or when manufactured.
For that to matter, you'll have to supply us with a specific seller's name and hope they've retained their good business practices.

I'm astounded at how old some of the stuff is that gets shipped these days ... especially items like this that were first designed for much older models. TomTom has been using this package since 2005. I'd want to be sure that the inventory is being turned over fairly regularly. The charge level prior to storage matters a lot, too. Ideally, they'll be charged to around 50% (that's where these batteries like to live when unused).
Hi, could someone advise which battery i need for the tom tom below please?

Hi, could someone advise which battery i need for the tom tom below please?

I'm guessing that was an attempt at a serial number? Sure it doesn't start with BN instead of 8N? You show that you own a "Via925 go". TomTom has never made a Via 925 (for any market), but did make the Via 125 with serial numbers beginning with BN.

If you were in the U.S., I'd recommend this:

If you can find a battery 6027A0117401 in the UK, that would be the right one.

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